Earth Water Catalogue is an artistic initiative to raise awareness, enhance understanding, appreciation of, and respect for, water. From people of plenty to those in need, water is the world’s most important resource. This project addresses ethics through aesthetics related to this fundamental planetary asset.




The Earth Water Catalogue is a multimedia compilation of ARTWORKS, text, images and more on the theme of water. Artists of the past and present, from around the world and working in a wide variety of media, have contributed to a an ever-growing archive, database, library and platform, both online and in print, which has been made available to all.

It is intended as a stimulus to the artistic and scientific communities to expand awareness by setting up exhibitions and provide publications involving works from the catalogue. By borrowing the works in the catalogue, participating institutions can make an impact on the general public, and play a key role in education. The Earth Water Catalogue is an appeal to stop appealing. Instead we hope to spur reflection on water, stir up the imagination about water, to redefine its nature and value.

Water, the basis of all life, covers some 70 percent of our planet’s surface, and composes about 70 percent of the human body. Yet only 1 percent of the planet’s water is drinkable. Water dissolves, but cannot be dissolved. It can be a purifier and a fuel. It is used in households, agriculture, and industry. Civilization and nature depend on it. Water has intelligence and memory. Water is more than H2O.
Water does not forget. Work for water to have water work. For the love of water.